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Presto Space Tutorials

The tutorials cover both introductory and more advanced topics relating to storage management and digital archives. They also provide information about the use of the facilities on the site including the analysis tools.

Presto Space Wiki

MJPEG 2000 or uncompressed for preservation, all other formats (like DV w/AVI wrapper) save but migrate to lossless before obsolescence; MPEG4: access format

Analysis of current audiovisual documentation models

Analysis of the most popular audiovisual and currently used data schemas within the consortium with the intention to provide support for the decision upon the PrestoSpace-Datamodel. Mapping of the analysed standards.

Can We Save Our Audiovisual Heritage

Describes the peril in which a very important aspect of our cultural legacy currently stands and PrestoSpace, the new FP6 integrated project, a major initiative seeking to improve radically the preservation and accessibility of our disappearing audio-visual heritage.

Presto Prime Training

The successor to Presto Space, includes tutorials on audiovisual preservation. PrestoPRIME will research and develop practical solutions for the long-term preservation of digital media objects, programmes and collections, and find ways to increase access by integrating the media archives with European on-line digital libraries in a digital preservation framework. This will result in a range of tools and services, delivered through a networked Competence Centre.

100 Million Hours of AV Content

We report the preliminary results of PrestoPRIME, an EU FP7 integrated project, including audiovisual (AV) archives, academics and industrial partners, focused on long-term digital preservation of AV media objects and on ways to increase access by integrating media archives with European on-line digital libraries, specifically Europeana. Project outcomes will result in tools and services to ensure the permanence of digital AV content in archives, libraries, museums and other collections, enabling long-term future access in dynamically changing contexts. PrestoPRIME has a special focus on digital preservation in broadcast environments, where very large files of digital video must be preserved at high quality (suitable for future re-use in an AV production environment) in affordable distributed and federated archives. The adoption of standard solutions for digital preservation processes (metadata representation, content storage, digital rights government, search and access) enables the interoperability of the proposed preservation framework and guidelines. OAIS model was chosen for the reference architecture, METS is adopted as wrapper for metadata representation, while relevant standards (e.g. W3C, ISO/IEC and others) are used for content and rights description. Project outcomes will be delivered through a European networked Competence Centre, to gather knowledge and deliver advanced digital preservation advice and services in conjunction with Europeana and other initiatives.

  1. Uses OAIS as reference for discussing system architecture; small archives-can't afford their own assets must rely on others; Master quality video typ. 30GB/hr.
  2. Uncompressed video typ. 80GB/hr

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