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The Media Matters Resource page is comprised of articles related to the issues that audiovisual archivists need to address when moving their valuable collections to a digital domain.

Lossless Video Compression for Archives

Archivists have a short list from which to select a digital archival file format for a modern, 21st Century migration project. Such an archival file should have the requirement of being both lossless to preserve content and also compressed to conserve storage capacity. The leading candidate for such a file format is Motion JPEG 2000.

Research Report on JPEG 2000 for Video Archiving

Motion-JPEG2000 lossless data reduction is implemented as a key technology for reducing file size in storage and for reducing data rates in networked file transfer.

Evaluating preservation strategies for audio and video files

The increasing amount of only digitally available information and the wide range of preservation strategies make the choice for an optimal preservation solution a highly complex task. To support this decision, a testbed which consists of a decision support workflow was created. The workflow and two practical implementations for audio and video records are presented in this paper, focusing on the elicitation of requirements, resulting in a total of about 350 criteria and on the evaluation of different input formats for long-term preservation.

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