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EAI Resource Guide

Includes information on collecting, preserving, and exhibiting single-channel video.

Electronic Arts Intermix recommends acquiring video in DigiBeta format.

  • Digital8: 1999-present. This cassette format, utilizing 8mm wide tape, was created primarily as a consumer format. The cassettes are identical to those used by Hi8 decks, and Hi8 tapes will play on Digital8 equipment. Digital8 can record on regular 8mm tapes, but the quality can be compromised.
  • Hi8: 1975-2000. A higher-quality version of Video8, Hi8 was widely used by independent documentarians, video artists, and community organizations; it has largely been supplanted in that realm by MiniDV. The tape is extremely thin and fragile.
  • MiniDV: 1995-present. MiniDV is one of the most commonly used formats in the consumer and educational markets, as well as among artists and independent video makers. Its quality is relatively high and the tapes (and equipment) are relatively small. However, that small size does make the cassettes vulnerable to damage and deterioration. MiniDV should not be considered a format for long-term retention.
  • Video8: 1984-present. Video8 was developed as a consumer format, and offered quality similar to that of VHS. Its small size allowed for equally small camcorders, which helped it in the consumer market. The tapes, however, are relatively unstable.

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