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Endangered Archives Video Preservation

Covers various format types including DV, Digibeta, and file-based formats and discusses advantages and disadvantages of each.

They say: DV/DVCAM/DVCPRO are useful (if compression is desired) and widely available, DigiBeta is archival format of choice but expensive and-tape based, MPEG will lose quality with successive compressions, MJPEG 2000 likely to become standard but not widely adopted. Born digital files should be maintained as is.

The Significance of Storage in the Cost of Risk of Digital Preservation

As storage costs drop, storage is becoming the lowest cost in a digital repository – and the biggest risk. We examine current modelling of costs and risks in digital preservation, concentrating on the Total Cost of Risk when using digital storage systems for preserving audiovisual material. We present a managed approach to preservation, and the vital role of storage and show how planning for long-term preservation of data should consider the risks involved in using digital storage technology. Gaps in information necessary for accurate modeling – and planning – are presented. We call for new functionality to support recovery of files with errors, to eliminate the all-or-nothing approach of current IT systems, reduce the impact of failures of digital storage technology and mitigate against loss of digital data.

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